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Shalom friends,
Welcome! I’m Chris Katulka, Church Ministries representative with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. I’ve served in various roles in my eight years with FOI and today marks the addition of a new exciting position – FOI Blog writer and coordinator.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I live in Dallas, Texas with my wife Karen and my two year old daughter Olive. We’re expecting the arrival of twin boys by the end of February (please stop and say a prayer for me now).

I’ve dedicated most of my adult life studying the biblical history of Israel, the Life of Christ, the origins of Christianity, and the history of modern Israel. This passion for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel sprung up more than 10 years ago when I attended The Friends of Israel’s Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS).

During my time at the IJS the Lord taught me some insightful nuggets of information through many godly and scholarly men. I learned that the Scriptures I value were predominantly penned by Jewish men God chose as conduits to communicate His Word. That Jesus, the Savior whom I exalt and magnify, is the prophesied and promised Jewish Messiah. Finally, the God I worship is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This truth, that my faith is rooted in Judaism, transformed the way I understood the Scriptures and read the Word of God, I no longer read the Bible like a personal crystal ball, but finally started to grasp how God was working on global level to redeem the world through His Son Jesus.

When it hit me that I love and worship the Jewish Messiah it became a personal ambition of mine to learn as much as I could about the roots of my faith. This passion led me complete a bachelors degree at Philadelphia Biblical University and eventually attend Dallas Theological Seminary where I received a Masters in Theology in Old Testament Studies.

Today I travel to different churches around the country connecting believers with their Jewish roots in Jesus the Messiah. I also lead an annual young adult ministry trip to Israel called ORIGINS (www.foi.org/origins), where young adults (ages 17-26) find an opportunity to serve in Israel while concurrently experiencing the land of the Bible.

So what is the FOI Blog?

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The FOI Blog is a place for you to come, read, and even more importantly participate in topics concerning the Scriptures, theology, prophecy, exciting archeological finds, news coming out of Israel, events occurring in the Middle East, and what’s happening locally and globally with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.

Our first blog discussion will focus on the covenant God made with Abraham. I chose this topic to start with because God’s eternal covenant with Abraham is really the bedrock for our belief in Jesus and our love and support of Israel and the Jewish people. I want to invite you to read Genesis 12:1-3 so you too can be apart of this important conversation.

It is fitting that we begin the FOI Blog this year in conjunction with The Friends of Israel 75th Anniversary. For 75 years The Friends of Israel has been communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah and standing in solidarity with the Jewish people. The FOI Blog is another unique method to communicate our mission.

My ultimate prayer is that this passion God gave me for His Word, the Jewish People, and the Nation of Israel (Past, Present, and Future) will have an impact on your walk with Jesus our Messiah and that together we can grow in the knowledge and grace of our great God.


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Chris Katulka

Chris Katulka

Chris Katulka is host of "The Friends of Israel Today" radio program, an outreach of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. He also assists in the North American Ministries department at FOI, is a Bible teacher, and a writer for Israel My Glory magazine.

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