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Feasts of Deliverance

Let our expert teaching staff guide your congregation through one or all of these stirring presentations.


HANUKKAH: The Hope of God

Image - menorah.pngAn epic story of courage, heroism, and hope. Learn how a remnant of the Jewish people stood strong for the Lord amid persecution and compromise.

See how Hanukkah and Christmas are inseparably linked and why Christ chose to declare His deity at Hanukkah (Jn. 10)



PURIM: The Providence of God

Image - gragger.pngA miraculous deliverance, as shown in the book of Esther. Learn how God preserved His people from annihilation. 

See how God works behind the scenes of our lives even when He seems silent. 



PASSOVER: The Messiah of God

Image - sederplate.pngA beautiful portrait of our redemption in Jesus.

Learn how the Lamb of God is pictured in the Old Testament and the meaning of God's promise, "When I see the blood, I will pass over you" (Ex. 12:13)"

See how communion is rooted in the Last Supper and experience the heart of a Jewish seder.

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