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Prophecy Up Close Conferences & Regional Events

Discerning Our Times

When King David took the throne, political and societal structures drastically changed in ancient Israel. The Bible tells us, however, the sons of Issachar chose to ally with David because they understood the times and their discernment produced confidence that David was God’s chosen.

As in the days of David, our world is rapidly changing. Uncertainty about what’s coming next can easily result in our faith being replaced by fear. As Christians, God reminds us that political restructuring, leadership changes, and the continuing moral decay of society don’t confound His plans, instead God works through it all to accomplish His plans. Like the sons of Issachar, who understood the times and chose wisely, our challenge is to discern how God is at work in our times.

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Our Days In the Prophetic Word conferences have been renamed Prophecy Up Close.