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Israel My Glory Editorials


Christian Zionism—The Real Story

By: Elwood McQuaid

The heat is up on the idea of a two-state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian dilemma. The current offensive touts a single state that eliminates Israel in favor of a Palestinian fiefdom allowing a smattering of Jews to remain as a disenfranchised minority. Read More...

Assessing the Fear Factor

By: Elwood McQuaid

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, leader of the crusade to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York City, trashed his “moderation” pose when he disregarded millions of concerned Americans and declared that moving the proposed facility could cause a violent backlash from Muslim extremists and endanger national security. Read More...

The Heart of Prayer

By: Elwood McQuaid

Early on New Year’s Day a car bomb exploded outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, killing 21 worshipers and seriously injuring dozens more. The next day was Sunday, and Christians throughout America took their places in church pews to greet the New Year. Read More...

Connecting the Dots

By: Elwood McQuaid

Nehemiah had his work cut out for him. God had promised to return the Jewish people to their land after their captivity in Babylon. And true to His Word, God brought Nehemiah back to Israel to help the Jewish people rebuild the walls of Jerusalem while surrounded by enemies trying to destroy them. Read More...

Bowing to the Bad Buys

By: Elwood McQuaid

A recent report that Guantanamo’s Muslim detainees have convinced the U.S. prison not to fly the American flag where they can see it is consistent with the inexplicable descent into the absurd now commonly practiced by U.S. officials. Read More...

The Plague That Will Not Go Away

By: Elwood McQuaid

A grisly discovery was made in Norwich, England, recently. Seventeen Jewish skeletons, apparently from the same family, were found at the bottom of a medieval well. Read More...

Chasing Arafat’s Dream

By: Elwood McQuaid

During the fiasco over the Palestinian Authority’s all-out push at the UN in September for a unilaterally forged Palestinian state, the implausible morphed into the incomprehensible. Read More...

In God We Trust—or Not

By: Elwood McQuaid

For people who doubt there is a war against God and Christianity in America, here is something to disabuse them of that notion. Read More...