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Women of the Bible

Miracle Mother: Sarah’s Mistake

By: Lorna Simcox

Satan is the master of deceit. He can disguise his deceptions so brilliantly they often appear the epitome of logic and right thinking. But faith often contradicts logic. Read More...

Beware: Snake in the Grass

By: Lorna Simcox

I was a relatively new believer when I heard an older, wiser woman tell a story I will never forget. She looked somewhat disheartened and bedraggled—the symptomatic side effects of having many mouths to feed and little income with which to do it. Her husband drew little from his job as a laborer. Read More...

Are You a Naomi? Part 2

By: Lorna Simcox

Vacation Bible School was just around the corner. And a welcome corner it was, too. The weather always seemed perfect in North Carolina, and I looked forward to seeing my four year-old daughter attend VBS at the little country church where her father had grown up. Read More...

Are You a Naomi?

By: Lorna Simcox

I’m not much of a shopper. My favorite place in the mall is probably the ice cream parlor, where I’ve spent many a pleasant moment contemplating the virtues of hot fudge versus butterscotch and mocha almond crunch versus just plain mocha. I’ve also found it a good place to observe human behavior. Read More...