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Lapid on Times's List 2


Until Israeli elections were held in late January, most people around the world had probably not heard of an Israeli politician named Yair Lapid. If you are still one of them, he is the leader of the second largest political party in the Israeli parliament. His new party, called Yesh Atid in Hebrew, meaning "There is a Future," did much better than expected in the national vote. The Tel Aviv-born 49-year-old politician has been well known in Israel for many years. Trained as a journalist, he authored a popular opinion column for many years for Yediot Ahronot, Israel’s largest daily newspaper. On top of this, he hosted a highly rated weekly television program, where he interviewed some of Israel’s top politicians, singers, movie stars, journalists and titans of business. He is now serving as Finance Minister in Benjamin Netanyahu’s new coalition government. Last year, Time magazine ran a cover story with a headline proclaiming Netanyahu as Israel’s king. However last month he was dropped from Time’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Yair Lapid made it onto the list.