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Hesed Project

Blessing Israel With Lovingkindness – Genesis 12:3

What is the Hesed Project?

The Hesed Project is an exciting, Christian adult-volunteer program to Israel, hosted by The Friends of Israel. Participants in The Hesed Project will work alongside Israelis doing manual labor and giving of their time, effort, and resources to help us serve the people of Israel practically. 

Awaiting you is an amazing opportunity
to meet and serve the people of Israel

What would a participant on a Hesed Project do?

Primarily you will be assigned tasks that require working with your hands. They might involve cleaning equipment or facilities, painting furniture or a room, organizing storage areas, cleaning air conditioning, as well as site maintenance, food prep and/or dishes, office work, security, landscaping and gardening (weeding and trimming, etc.), laundry service – or a host of other tasks. Participants will work with, and at the direction of, Israelis – doing whatever they may assign.

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