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For 10 years, The Friends of Israel has taken young adults to Israel on our ORIGINS trips to serve the Jewish people. Year after year, God raises up a group of young people to spend a month in Israel to volunteer at a hospital. The work is not easy, but our young adults go to show their support for Israel.

After the trip, our volunteers return home forever changed, and, most importantly, lovers of Israel and the Jewish people. You can sponsor a young adult to go on this trip.

Israeli Backpackers

Israeli Backpackers image

Once Israelis graduate high school, they must serve two or three years defending their nation in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). These men and women transition from student life to military life within only a matter of months.

By the time they finish serving, Israeli soldiers need rest and relaxation. A large majority of them spend a month before college backpacking in places like Australia and New Zealand. Our workers in those countries have the unique privilege of opening their homes and providing a place of rest to these young Israeli soldiers on their journey.

Our workers spend many Friday nights celebrating Shabbat and showing them love. The soldiers leave encouraged, rested, and assured they have Christian friends all over the world supporting them and praying for them. A gift of $50 will help us to house a group of soldiers for a weekend.

School of Nursing

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Patients need good nurses to properly heal. That is why our clinic provides both classroom and on-the-job training for nurses. Since nursing school is costly, your donations toward our nursing program will greatly aid the clinic’s outreach.


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Do you ever wonder who God will raise to spread the Good News in the next generation? Do you wonder who will carry the torch as the next generation’s friends of Israel? We’re excited to tell you that our workers see fruit in the next generation.

Youthfest is a life-changing weekend where missionaries challenge committed Christian high school students to give their lives to the Lord in vocational Christian ministry. Several weekends each year, youth from all over the United States gather together with full-time Christian workers from several organizations to learn, pray, worship, and fellowship. The workers pour into the students one-on-one throughout the entire weekend.

The ministry has produced much fruit over the years: Some students are now in college with a desire to go into full-time mission work. But many students cannot afford to attend. That’s where you come in. A gift of $50 will allow a teen to attend Youthfest. Will you sponsor a student for a weekend that could potentially change his or her life?

Living Bridges

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Anti-Semitism is spreading in Europe today much like it did 80 years ago. Our workers in Poland are actively teaching against it and coming alongside the Jewish people in friendship.

Living Bridges, one of our programs in Poland, sends young people to the Land of Israel. This program functions much like our North American ORIGINS program: Young people serve the Jewish people and experience the life-changing impact of a trip to the Holy Land. They see how the Jewish people live and thrive in their own land and strive for peace. Polish young adults return home forever changed and as true friends of Israel.

If you would like to help stop the growth of anti- Semitism in Europe, you can sponsor a young adult’s trip to Israel.