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Children & Youth

Israel Music and Arts

Music is vital to the Jewish people. Because of this, we have helped to start a program in Israel that trains musicians. Children and adults are taught piano, violin, percussion, flute, brass instruments, and voice. Once they have perfected their talents they are able to minister musically to people in their area. Music is a wonderful way to show God’s love to their neighbors who need hope. But since many in Israel struggle to make ends meet, people are financially unable to attend or to send their children to such a program. Your gift will help our workers share God’s love through music.

Russian Children's Camps

Our workers’ greatest joy is teaching children about the Bible. Right now, the Russian children’s camp is thriving, where our workers have the opportunity to teach children God’s Word. Each year, more and more children come for the week and hear about God’s love for them. God is changing lives and doing great things through this camp. You can help send a child to camp for $300.

Clothing & Shoes for Families

Clothing & Shoes for Families image

With so much unrest in Eastern Europe, many children have been displaced. Our workers in Poland minister year round to those who have been displaced and live in the volatile areas of Ukraine and Russia. Our workers constantly help provide families with basic needs such as clothing and shoes. For only $30, you can provide a coat and shoes for a hurting family during these uncertain times.

Israeli Children's Camps

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Since Israel is surrounded by nations hungry for its demise, life in Israel can be stressful. Israeli summer Bible camp provides youth with a much-needed spiritual retreat from the daily stress of life. Every year, congregants of Rehovot Assembly in Israel take a group of young people to summer Bible camp. At camp, these young people enjoy Bible teaching and fellowship with their peers. But most families do not have extra income to send their children. For $140, you can sponsor an Israeli child to attend summer Bible camp for a week.


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Several years ago, one of our workers in the Midwest became burdened with the desire to bring together full-time Christian workers and high school youth. And so Youthfest was born. Youthfest’s purpose is to expose students to different ministries around the world, in hopes that God will call some of them into full-time Christian ministry. Several times each year, youth from all over the United States gather together at Youthfest to meet Christian workers from several missionary organizations for a weekend of teaching, praying, worship, and fellowship. The workers pour into the students one-on-one all weekend, explaining their daily ministry activities and praying with the students. Our hope is that through Youthfest, the Lord will
ignite a desire in these teens to serve Him in full-time ministry. Many students cannot afford to attend without monetary help. A gift of $50 will allow a teen to attend Youthfest.