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Several years ago, one of our workers in the Midwest became burdened with the desire to bring together full-time Christian workers and high school youth. And so Youthfest was born. Youthfest’s purpose is to expose students to different ministries around the world, in hopes that God will call some of them into full-time Christian ministry. Several times each year, youth from all over the United States gather together at Youthfest to meet Christian workers from several missionary organizations for a weekend of teaching, praying, worship, and fellowship. The workers pour into the students one-on-one all weekend, explaining their daily ministry activities and praying with the students. Our hope is that through Youthfest, the Lord will ignite a desire in these teens to serve Him in full-time ministry. Many students cannot afford to attend without monetary help. A gift of $50 will allow a teen to attend Youthfest.

Sponsor a Teen

Our Price: $50.00 USD