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Australian and New Zealand Aid

Australian and New Zealand Aid image

The Friends of Israel office in Australia reaches people in both Australia and New Zealand. For more than 20 years, we have been ministering to the Jewish people and teaching biblical truth about Israel to churches in these areas.

The Lord has mightily blessed this ministry: Many Christians in Australia and New Zealand are hungry for solid, biblical teaching and have requested that our workers speak at their churches about Israel.

Due to the demand, we have added more staff to expand our ministry to the Jewish communities in these areas. You can be a part of this growing ministry in the beautiful countries of Australia and New Zealand through your donations.

Care for Holocaust Survivors and Their Families

Care for Holocaust Survivors and Their Families image

We are in the final years of having the privilege to help Holocaust survivors and their families. Regardless of how long ago the horrific event took place, scars still run deep. But we know the Healer of all wounds, and we love to tell others about Him.

You can provide encouragement to these survivors by meeting their physical needs. A gift of $25 can go a long way in helping our dear Jewish friends.

Clothing & Shoes for Families

Clothing & Shoes for Families image

For years, the Eastern European Jewish community has been living in a state of unrest. Many children and their families lack basic necessities. They desperately need friends to provide clothing and shoes, especially during the cold winter months.

A gift of $30 will provide essential clothing to an Eastern European Jewish family in need.

Eastern European Relief

Eastern European Relief image

Year after year, our Polish workers travel to Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine to help care for Jewish people in areas where many others choose not to go. These areas are no less dangerous than they were a few years ago (and some are even more dangerous), but our workers choose to go anyway because they love the Jewish people.

We could share story after story about the Jewish people our workers are able to bless through you supporting our Eastern European Relief. Tamar, an elderly woman living in the country of Belarus (a country east of Poland) answered the door timidly one afternoon when Timothy and some volunteers were visiting Jewish people for Passover. “Are you selling something?” she asked. Timothy laughed and said they simply wanted to wish her a blessed Passover. Her eyes lit up. Tamar lives in very poor conditions. Her home has no heat and she must rely on friends and neighbors for wood to heat the stove, her only source of heat. As Timothy and the volunteers visited, they prayed with her and hope to go to back to minister.

Will you support our workers as they minister to the Jewish people of Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine?

Elderly Care

Elderly Care image

We are grateful for your support in this area. Our workers have reported that your generous donations to our elderly care fund has literally saved lives.

When our workers hear of elderly people in need—some without family—they provide them with life-giving medicine and also minister to their spiritual needs. A gift of $25 can provide vital medicine and food to our elderly Jewish friends all over the world.

General Medical Supplies

General Medical Supplies image

Providing 24-hour care can be expensive. The clinic needs disposable medical supplies, such as glucose testing strips. A gift of $10 will help provide daily medical supplies.


G'sherim image

G’sherim is The Friends of Israel’s nine-month internship program in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our workers teach and mentor the interns, some of whom we hope God will call into full-time ministry with The Friends of Israel. If He does not, we remain encouraged because they leave as lifelong advocates of Israel and friends of the Jewish people.

Interns must raise funds for the program. Your help can lessen the financial burden for these young people.

Israeli Christian Soldiers

Israeli Christian Soldiers image

Encourage a Christian IDF soldier. There are only 400 known Christian solders in Israel. As you can imagine, these soldiers need to know Christian brothers and sisters are praying for them while they defend their country.

For only $25, you can provide a gift basket with a note of encouragement to these soldiers. This is a great way to show your love and support for the nation of Israel and for fellow believers.

Israel Music and Arts

Israel Music and Arts image

Do you have a heart for music? If you know the Jewish people, you know they do! Jewish families pass down songs from one generation to the next. In Israel, children and adults want to take voice lessons and learn to play the piano, violin, percussion, flute, and brass instruments. Many in Israel struggle to make ends meet and are unable to afford lessons. For $25, you can pay for someone to attend music lessons.

Israel Relief

Israel Relief image

In a few short years, your generous gifts to Israel have saved lives all over the country. You have provided numerous bomb shelters in Israel’s dangerous areas. You have donated funds toward ambulances and medical products for Israel’s only blood donation center. You have helped men and women who are trapped in lives of drug addiction and prostitution find freedom in God at a holistic drug and treatment center in Tel Aviv. You have helped single mothers and their babies get on their feet, thereby saving lives from abortion.

When you give to the Israel Relief Fund, know that 100% of your support goes to Israel and helps to save lives both physically and spiritually. When you donate, you are being a true friend of Israel!

Medical Care for the Day

Medical Care for the Day image

About 80 people visit the clinic every day. Your gift of $50 will cover basic medical care for one patient.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment image

Medical equipment is costly. The clinic invests in necessary equipment, such as ultrasound machines, heart monitors, and oxygen machines. A simple gift of $25 can help with this cost.

Publications Translations

Publications Translations image

Have articles in Israel My Glory magazine helped you grow in your faith? Maybe one of our popular books such as Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust has impacted your life. Are you a
frequent reader of our blogs? For only $15, you can provide materials like these to our friends overseas.

Many Christians in non-English-speaking countries hunger for biblically sound materials. You can uniquely participate in the Great Commission by helping us pay for the translation of these books and materials
so we can send them to our brothers and sisters overseas.

Thank God for Israel Day

Thank God for Israel Day image

“I’ve never been to a church before,” the rabbi replied to one of our Friends of Israel workers. Our worker had just invited him to attend a Thank God for Israel Day at a local church. Such statements are common because self-professing Christians have persecuted the Jewish people throughout history.

As a result, many Jewish people view the cross as a symbol of Christian hatred and blame toward the Jewish people. A simple ministry like Thank God for Israel Day can forever change a Jewish person’s perception of Christians.

At these events, Jewish people meet Christians who love and honor them and want to befriend them—all in the name of Jesus! Do you desire to be a friend to the Jewish people from your own home? You can support our Thank God for Israel Day events, which are happening all over the United States.

University Outreach

University Outreach image

Our workers regularly invest in college students, both on and off campus. Many of them invite students to their homes, which have become safe havens for believers and unbelievers alike to study God’s Word, ask questions, and share their struggles.

Some of our workers also actively help to build pro-Israel clubs on campuses. Your donation can support this crucial college ministry so that our workers can continue to teach students truths about the Bible and God’s Chosen People. A gift of $20 helps to provide necessary materials.

Western European Relief

Western European Relief image

Last year when we introduced this new category, we had no idea how much Western Europe would need our help. The number of Muslim immigrants to this area has increased dramatically, which in turn has increased Jewish persecution. Reports reveal that half of France’s Jewish population will likely be gone in only a few years.

Recently, there was a failed military coup against President Erdogan in Turkey. President Erdogan is unashamedly anti- Semitic, even issuing threats to Israel. Germany has the largest Turkish community of the European Union. There has been a recent rise of anti-Semitic attitude that one can only attribute to that group.

Our workers are busy helping the Jewish people in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. You can help Jewish people in these countries and let them know even though world is turning away, you will not turn your back on them.