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Eastern European Relief

Year after year, our Polish workers travel to Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine to help care for Jewish people in areas where many others choose not to go. These areas are no less dangerous than they were a few years ago (and some are even more dangerous), but our workers choose to go anyway because they love the Jewish people. We could share story after story about the Jewish people our workers are able to bless through you supporting our Eastern European Relief. Tamar, an elderly woman living in the country of Belarus (a country east of Poland) answered the door timidly one afternoon when Timothy and some volunteers were visiting Jewish people for Passover. “Are you selling something?” she asked. Timothy laughed and said they simply wanted to wish her a blessed Passover. Her eyes lit up. Tamar lives in very poor conditions. Her home has no heat and she must rely on friends and neighbors for wood to heat the stove, her only source of heat. As Timothy and the volunteers visited, they prayed with her and hope to go to back to minister. Will you support our workers as they minister to the Jewish people of Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine?

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