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Giving your little one a bath. Grabbing some groceries. Driving down the highway. Swimming in the neighborhood pool. These are activities we do every day. They are also activities Israelis do every day. Then the siren sounds. For some of us, that might mean a storm is coming, and we need to take cover. For Israelis it means a rocket has been launched by someone who hates them and is trying to kill them. As Bible-believing Christians, we know what the Bible says about supporting God’s Chosen People, but many of us do not know how to help. We pray and know that the Lover of Israel hears us. We tell our friends and family of God’s goodness to Israel, but we want to do more. The Friends of Israel began the Israel Relief Fund with the hope of making a difference in tangible ways to show our love and support to the Israeli people. One of those ways is Operation Lifeshield. Operation Lifeshield is an emergency campaign to save innocent lives by providing Israel’s threatened communities with air-raid shelters. These shelters are built and placed near vulnerable areas, such as neighborhoods, schools, and playgrounds. Our Hesed team (see page 10) had the privilege of visiting a neighborhood with a shelter. A man ran out of his home toward the team. He shared that only the week before, he was bathing his daughter when the sirens sounded. He had 45 seconds to reach the shelter. He wrapped his daughter in a towel and ran. By God’s grace, he made it to the shelter in time. You can make a difference in Israeli lives by donating to our Israel Relief Fund. Our leaders here at The Friends of Israel are continually researching for the best way to use these funds, which go in their entirety to help the people of the State of Israel.

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