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Meeting Medical and Physical Needs

Argentina Clinic

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A doctor’s dream of providing free healthcare in a Jewish neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has come true.

Today, three doctors and numerous nurses labor around the clock at our free, thriving medical clinic in Buenos Aires.

They work to ensure their patients are properly cared for, both physically and spiritually. Bible studies are held in the clinic for patients every day. You can help in the following ways:

Medical Care for the Day

Medical Care for the Day image

About 80 people visit the clinic every day. Your gift of $50 will cover basic medical care for one patient.

General Medical Supplies

General Medical Supplies image

Providing 24-hour care can be expensive. The clinic needs disposable medical supplies, such as glucose testing strips. A gift of $10 will help provide daily medical supplies.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment image

Medical equipment is costly. The clinic invests in necessary equipment, such as ultrasound machines, heart monitors, and oxygen machines. A simple gift of $25 can help with this cost.

School of Nursing

School of Nursing image

Patients need good nurses to properly heal. That is why our clinic provides both classroom and on-the-job training for nurses. Since nursing school is costly, your donations toward our nursing program will greatly aid the clinic’s outreach.

Care for Holocaust Survivors and Their Families

Care for Holocaust Survivors and Their Families image

We are in the final years of having the privilege to help Holocaust survivors and their families. Regardless of how long ago the horrific event took place, scars still run deep. But we know the Healer of all wounds, and we love to tell others about Him.

You can provide encouragement to these survivors by meeting their physical needs. A gift of $25 can go a long way in helping our dear Jewish friends.

Elderly Care

Elderly Care image

We are grateful for your support in this area. Our workers have reported that your generous donations to our elderly care fund has literally saved lives.

When our workers hear of elderly people in need—some without family—they provide them with life-giving medicine and also minister to their spiritual needs. A gift of $25 can provide vital medicine and food to our elderly Jewish friends all over the world.