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Thank God for Israel Day

Thank God for Israel Day is a time for Christians to gather around the Jewish people and show their support. It is a local gathering held in towns all over the United States. We work with local pastors and rabbis to organize the event, which brings both Christians and Jewish people together to hear speakers who support Israel. Each time, people come as strangers, but leave as friends. Your gift can help these events take place.


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Hesed is a team of adults who travel to Israel each spring to serve the Jewish people. Some are retirees; others are full-time teachers, business owners, truck drivers, etc. who leave behind their jobs for two-and-a-half weeks to work among the Jewish people. They help Israelis by serving at a hospital doing the tasks many do not want to do. Hesed members always leave Israel with a deep love for the Israeli people and an anticipation of returning, which some do year after year. If you are unable to go on the trip, perhaps the Lord will lead you to support someone else to go.

Publications Translations

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Have you read any of The Friends of Israel’s books or our magazine, Israel My Glory? Our authors, editors, and publishing team work hard to provide biblical truth about the Messiah and Israel. These publications are vital to our international work. While our workers minister to the Jewish people, they also spend time translating these works from English to Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, and Hebrew. But unlike in the United States, in these countries many people cannot afford to buy materials. Countless international pastors and Christians need these resources to grow in their faith. Giving to the fund for publications translations is a unique way you can partake in Jesus’ command to “go.”

Israeli Transportation

Most churches in the United States have one thing in common in their parking lot—a church van. Vans are used to take youth group kids to camp, adults to retirement homes to minister, supplies to those in need, and much more. In Israel, vans are very expensive, and few local churches can afford them. The gift of a church van would radically expand a local Israeli church’s mission!

Institute of Jewish Studies

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The Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS) is now available online for anyone with a computer and internet access. IJS allows our students to reach and teach people from all over the world. Our goal is to equip Christians by enabling them to study God’s Word in depth with others. Several of our students are lay pastors and church leaders who are trying to enrich their biblical knowledge while juggling a family and a full-time job. You can help by providing a scholarship for a student or by paying for a portion of a course for someone in need.