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“You came back!” the Israeli hospital worker said in surprise. “Of course we did. We are your friends,” our Hesed volunteer explained. Friendship is the theme of Hesed, our adult volunteer trip to Israel. Each spring, adults from all over the world go to Israel to serve the Jewish people for two and a half weeks. They gladly clean and work on projects around the hospital, while making lasting friendships with the Israeli people.

Hesed members always leave Israel with a deep love for the Jewish people and a desire to return, which some do year after year. If you are unable to go on the trip, you can send someone to love the Jewish people on your behalf!

Thank God for Israel Day

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“I’ve never been to a church before,” the rabbi replied to one of our Friends of Israel workers. Our worker had just invited him to attend a Thank God for Israel Day at a local church. Such statements are common because self-professing Christians have persecuted the Jewish people throughout history.

As a result, many Jewish people view the cross as a symbol of Christian hatred and blame toward the Jewish people. A simple ministry like Thank God for Israel Day can forever change a Jewish person’s perception of Christians.

At these events, Jewish people meet Christians who love and honor them and want to befriend them—all in the name of Jesus! Do you desire to be a friend to the Jewish people from your own home? You can support our Thank God for Israel Day events, which are happening all over the United States.

Institute of Jewish Studies

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The Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS) courses are available online for anyone with a computer and Internet access. IJS can equip pastors and church leaders to reach and teach people all over the world.

We aim to equip Christians by enabling them to study God’s Word in depth with others through an online format. Several of our students are lay pastors and leaders who are trying to juggle family, work, and leading a church. You can provide a scholarship for a student in need.

Publications Translations

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Have articles in Israel My Glory magazine helped you grow in your faith? Maybe one of our popular books such as Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust has impacted your life. Are you a
frequent reader of our blogs? For only $15, you can provide materials like these to our friends overseas.

Many Christians in non-English-speaking countries hunger for biblically sound materials. You can uniquely participate in the Great Commission by helping us pay for the translation of these books and materials
so we can send them to our brothers and sisters overseas.