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College Outreach

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Whether they are helping Christian students build relationships with the Jewish community— or opening their home to international students and sharing with them the Good News about God and His love—our workers are always investing in students. Your gift of $20 can supply our workers with the materials necessary to minister to college students from all over the world.

Israeli Christian Soldiers

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Did you know there are Christians that serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)? Thirty years ago, less than 10 Christian soldiers served; today, more than 350 Christians serve in the IDF! These soldiers need encouragement and fellowship as they are defending the nation of Israel. Local Christians in Israel have been reaching out to these soldiers through prayer and sending gift baskets. You can help fill a gift basket for a Christian soldier with your donation.



It’s amazing to see how year after year, God has raised up young people to spend three weeks in Israel volunteering at a hospital. The work is not easy, but our young adults go to show their support for Israel. After the trip, our volunteers return home changed forever, and, most importantly, lovers of Israel and its people. You can sponsor a young adult on this trip.


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G’sherim is The Friends of Israel’s official internship program. For nine months, young adults live in Las Vegas, NV, and learn beside our workers. Our hope is that God will call them into full-time ministry with The Friends of Israel. But at the very least, we hope they will become lifelong advocates for Israel and the Jewish people. Interns must raise their own support, and the cost is great. Sometimes the cost becomes a hindrance to those who wish to join. Your help can lessen the financial burden for these young people.

Poland Mentoring Program

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Our Polish workers are busy! Not only are they ministering to Jewish people in Poland, but they also are traveling to Ukraine and Russia to help with people’s spiritual and physical needs. In Poland, they are nurturing relationships with other Polish Christians who are interested in The Friends of Israel’s work. Sometimes it is expensive taking an extra person along on their trips to other countries, but this investment is necessary in order for new workers to come onboard. You can help by giving towards the cost of the development of new workers.

Living Bridges

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Our Polish workers have successfully built a ministry called Living Bridges, where Polish Christian young
adults and Israeli Jewish young adults come together in each other’s countries to learn from one another.
Europe has one of the largest anti-Semitic cultures in the world. When these Polish young adults meet and befriend Israeli young adults, their worldview changes. Suddenly Israel becomes not just a place where Jewish people live, but a place where they have friends. Living Bridges is slowly changing how young people view the Jewish people forever.