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FOI Video Classics DVD Bundle

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$65.00 USD

This is a great resource for personal enrichment, Sunday schools and Bible studies. All at a great low price! 

Christ In the Passover
Observe a Passover seder while learning the clear message that “Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us” (1 Cor. 5:7). This video provides a source of instruction for churches or study groups and is also a valuable tool in communicating the richness of the Passover message to those who need Christ.

Messiah in the Day of Atonement
You’ll be transported to the Old Testament Tabernacle and walk step by step through the rituals and customs still followed symbolically in today’s Jewish communities. This video is ideal for sharing with Jewish friends and is a valuable teaching tool for use in Sunday schools and Bible studies.

Zvi: The Return
Zvi visits his childhood home in Warsaw, Poland, and reflects on his experiences more than half a century after the Holocaust. This highly acclaimed documentary chronicles Zvi’s return and reenacts his life during World War II and his immigration to Israel in 1948. The amazing story, shot on location, is guaranteed to inspire you as it reveals the lengths to which a loving God will go to bring one soul safely home.

In The Shadows of the Ancient Temple
This unique video adventure will take you on a tour of this extraordinary structure via computer animation. You’ll see the components of Temple worship, the significance of the Temple layout, the ministry of the Temple priests, and the importance of the Temple sacrifices. It also explains why Jesus came to the Temple and what He accomplished on those significant occasions.

Jewish Culture and Customs
Ever been to a Jewish deli in New York, a Jewish wedding, or a bar mitzvah? No? Then come with us on a fascinating video tour through the colorful world of Judaism, hosted by Steve Herzig. This video is a great companion to Steve’s popular book, Jewish Culture & Customs and his newest book, More Jewish Culture & Customs.

  • Format: DVD, Region Free, NTSC
  • Length: Approx. 210 minutes
  • Code: V50D