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Israel My Glory - January/February 2008

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Christian Persecution

While We Were Sleeping
by Elwood McQuaid
Unbelievers will go to the mat to prevent dog fighting, but believers won’t do the same to prevent worldwide persecution of their brethren in Christ. Read what is happening while we sleep.

Seeds of the Great Persecution
by William L. Krewson
Ancient Rome was no friend to Christianity. Christians simply didn’t fit in, and they paid a heavy price. Is America following in Rome’s footsteps? See for yourself.

The Everlasting Hatred
by Thomas C. Simcox
Born-again believers and Jewish people have been persecuted for millennia. And, unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. Why? Because of the everlasting hatred.

They Feared Man So Little Because They Feared God So Much
by Charles E. McCracken
They were boiled in oil, tortured, and persecuted in the most heinous ways. But they endured because they understood an important, eternal truth that we should not forget today.

They Say ‘Peace, Peace’ When There Is No Peace
by Dave Hunt
Islam professes to be a religion of peace. But what many Muslims say and what they do are two different things.

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