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Israel My Glory - January/February 2013

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The Anti Zionists

Will Someone Say, ‘Holy War’?
by Elwood McQuaid
A cartoon in Denmark. A film in Amsterdam. An opinion in the Netherlands. They all spark the same type of violence. Why? By now, the answer should be obvious.

The New Anti-Semitism
by James A. Showers
Some people claim they don’t dislike Jewish people, they just dislike Israel. But when you dig deeper, you uncover a very disturbing theology.

Getting to Know the World Council of Churches
by Charles E. McCracken
If you think you know what the WCC is all about, it may be time to take another look. What you see may surprise you.

Molding the Next Generation of Anti-Semites
by Steve Herzig
So you’ve sent your children to college to get an education. They’ll certainly get one, but they may also emerge more pro-Palestinian than they were before. Here’s why.

Israel’s Legal Right to Its Land
by Thomas Ice
These days there’s lots of talk about Palestinian “rights.” But Israel has rights too—legal ones. And it has a legitimate right to its land for many reasons.

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