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Israel My Glory - January/February 2014

Israel My Glory - January/February 2014 image
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The Book of Jude

Common Sense Has Left the Building
by Elwood McQuaid
As America pulls away from spiritual truth, it is losing its common sense— which leaves it susceptible to trouble in more ways than one.

Contend for the Faith!
by William L. Krewson
Jude intended to write one type of epistle but ended up writing another. Unfortunately, his reason for doing so is as valid today as it was back then, as you’ll soon see.

Apostasy, Angels, and Judgment
by Renald E. Showers
Human beings aren’t the only ones God judges. Angels are real indeed, and some of the things they have done may surprise you.

Snapshots of Apostates
by Clarence Johnson
Some people think biblical truth is irrelevant. But God has a whole lot to say about pastors and teachers who don’t teach it!

Essentials for the Faithful
by Peter Colón
Christians are in a spiritual war. Of that there is no doubt. This inspiring article teaches us how to stand firm so we can continue to serve our great God.

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