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Israel My Glory - January/February 2015

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 Jerusalem of Gold

Remembering the Martyrs 
by Elwood McQuaid
When Jim Elliot was killed, the world was stunned. Today Christians die for their faith in record numbers, yet few people care. What has changed?

City of the Great King

by Thomas C. Simcox
No place in the world has a story to tell like that of Jerusalem. This outstanding article will walk you through the city’s biblical record—past and future.

Jerusalem and the Muslims

by Steve Herzig
Why are Muslims so zealous for Jerusalem when the Qur’an doesn’t even mention it? This article answers that question and many others.

Jerusalem Forgotten

by Christopher J. Katulka
It was a city taxed to the hilt and crumbling into ruin. Even Mark Twain called it desolate. Here’s how it got that way.

Promise Betrayed:
Jerusalem Under British Rule

by Elliot Jager
When the British took Jerusalem in the early 1900s, they did much to improve it. But they also were serial fumblers in ways that affect the city even today.

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