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Israel My Glory - January/February 2016

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The Case for Israel
Romans 9-11

The God Factor
by Elwood McQuaid
Despite what we hear today, God always has people with hearts for Him. And sometimes, who they are can surprise you.

The Permanence of the Promise
by Mike Stallard
Romans 9—11 has been called a parenthesis and an interlude. In reality, though, it is something quite different.

Vessels of Clay
by Richard D. Emmons
Instead of ushering in the Kingdom, Jesus was crucified; and the church was born. So what happened to Israel? Here is the apostle Paul’s explanation. 

Mission Impossible
by Steve Herzig
God says in Isaiah our good deeds are like “filthy rags.” So how do you bridge the gap between sinner and God? It would be impossible except for one thing.

It’s Not Over Yet
by Tom Simcox
Although most Jewish people have not received their Messiah, God still loves them, as Romans 11 explains.

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