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Israel My Glory - January/February 2017

Israel My Glory - January/February 2017 image
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From Failure to Faith
Jacob's Journey to Becoming Israel

Still Dreaming
by Steve Herzig
Theology affects more aspects of life than most people realize—including today’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Troubled Twins
by Peter Colón
Jacob and Esau may have been twins, but they were nothing alike. And their relationship was anything but brotherly.

Family Feud
by Chris Katulka
Laban was Jacob’s uncle. Then he became Jacob’s father-in-law. But what transpired between them may surprise you.

From Bethel to Bethel
by Tom Simcox
God used Bethel in a special way in Jacob’s life—not once, but twice.

Jacob’s Goodbye
by David M. Levy
Here is a look at Jacob’s final days and the specific, prophetic way he blessed his sons.

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