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Israel My Glory - July/August 2012

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The Apostasy Cometh

Has the Dream Lost Its Luster?
by Elwood McQuaid
When Zionism first appeared, it bore the dreams of a persecuted people and had the blessing of much of the Western world. A lot has changed over the years, as you’ll see here.

The Push to Reinvent Christianity
by Charles E. McCracken
Out with the old gospel, in with the new. That seems to be mainstream Christianity’s new direction. Is it biblical? Judge for yourself.

Palestinian Liberation Theology
by Christopher J. Katulka
Scripture says people of all ethnicities become one in the body of Christ. Sadly, a new doctrine is building a wall between brothers, rather than tearing one down.

How Compromise Is Paving the Road to Apostasy
by Renald E. Showers
The great apostasy foretold in Scripture is coming, and it may surprise you to see how some things that appear insignificant can be influential indeed.

Camels, Gnats, and the Importance of Doctrine
by Craig L. Parshall
Did you know a high percentage of Christians really don’t know what they believe? This excellent article takes a look at what’s important and what’s not.

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