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Israel My Glory - January/February 2012

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The Book of Esther

Where Have All the Christians Gone?
by Elwood McQuaid
Freedom. Democracy. Have these truly been the result of the so-called Arab Spring? Not for Christians, who appear to be in even bigger trouble than they were in before.

The Megillah Begins
by Steve Herzig
Almost 2,500 years ago, a Persian official wanted to wipe the Jewish people off the map. Sound contemporary? It’s in the book of Esther, where the story begins.

Haman’s Main Problem
by Peter Colón
Haman had it all. Yet Mordecai’s refusal to bow to him ruined everything, as far as he was concerned. That’s because he had two problems many still have today.

How the Megillah Ends
by Thomas C. Simcox
Evil has challenged good since the Garden of Eden. Here’s what happened in the book of Esther, which is a harbinger of how other events will eventually end.

The Holiday of Purim
by Bonnie Pearson
Fun, fun, fun! That’s the theme of the Jewish holiday of Purim. Special foods, floats, costumes. Learn how people celebrate today, both in the United States and Israel.

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