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Israel My Glory - March/April 2012

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Aspects of Isaiah

Ignorant or Indifferent? Ways Better Not Taken
by Elwood McQuaid
Christianity is nothing like other religions. In a dangerous world, people need the whole counsel of God. If you don’t think so, you’ll want to read this article.

Isaiah: The Royal Prophet
by Richard D. Emmons
He moved with grace through the culture of his day. That was Isaiah, a prince of prophets, whom you’ll get to know better through this excellent article.

The Gospel According to Isaiah
by Peter Colón
Many people think the gospel is strictly a New Testament phenomenon. However, the elements of sin, repentance, and faith in God alone are contained in the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah Sees Israel’s Future
by David M. Levy
Is God finished with Israel? By no means. Israel’s return, redemption, and restoration to its land are key themes throughout the book of Isaiah. See for yourself!

Answering the Higher Critics
by Michael D. Stallard
Some say more than one man wrote the book of Isaiah because no one can foresee the future. Really? Here’s evidence to the contrary.

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