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Israel My Glory - March/April 2013

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Celebrating Passover

The Changing Face of America
by Elwood McQuaid
One of ancient Israel’s offenses was its desire to become like the nations around it. America, it seems, is making the same mistake. And it may surprise you to know how the church fits into the picture.

How It All Began
by Thomas C. Simcox
Passover has been celebrated for more than 3,000 years. But in actuality, there was only one genuine Passover. And its purpose was abundantly clear.

The Four Cups
by Robert J. Stahler
At every seder, participants drink four cups of wine or grape juice. Each cup has great significance, even for Christians.

Fun, Food, Family: The Traditions of Passover
by Bonnie Pearson
Gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, mmmm good! Passover is a wonderful holiday, as you’ll soon see!

A Night to Remember
by Peter Colón
Did you know the Last Supper, which Jesus attended in an upper room shortly before He went to the cross, was a Passover seder? Yet there’s much more to the story.

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