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Israel My Glory - March/April 2014

Israel My Glory - March/April 2014 image
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The Greatest Sacrifice

Givers and Takers
by Elwood McQuaid
A Texas teacher was in for a shock recently when she discovered something better suited to Communist Russia than to the good old USA. What is happening to America?

The Greatest Sacrifice
by Thomas C. Simcox
Old Testament sacrifices were neither easy nor inexpensive. And they had to be offered over and over again. But one was the costliest of all.

The Road to the Cross
by Mark Johnson
Why would anyone endure what Christ endured? If you don’t think God loves you, take a moment to read this article. You may never think that way again.

Thank God for ‘Reveille’
by Peter Colón
Death always produces sadness. But death is not the end for Bible-believing Christians. Praise God, He has a better plan!

The Resurrection: Dispelling the Myths
by Rick Lyon
Did Christ really rise from the grave? Many people don’t think so. This outstanding article examines the theories and arrives at an inescapable conclusion.

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