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Israel My Glory - May/June 2011

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The Holy Spirit

Eying the Ashes
by Elwood McQuaid
“Burn, baby, burn!” shouted rioters of yesteryear. Today much of the Middle East is aflame, and what’s poised to arise from the ashes is no friend of democracy or freedom.

Walking in the Spirit
by Richard D. Emmons
The Holy Spirit lives within all believers. But sometimes His presence is difficult to detect because we’re not living as we ought. Here are the how-tos of walking in the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit: a Believer’s Best Friend
by Adrian Rogers
Few preachers are as practical or inspiring as Adrian Rogers. In this wonderful article, he tells us who the Holy Spirit is and why we are so very blessed to have Him.

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
by Steve Herzig
Some people believe the Holy Spirit is as foreign to the Old Testament as anything could possibly be. And they are so wrong. Here’s why.

A Look at the Gifts
by Charles E. McCracken
Did you ever notice how some people are able to teach the Bible well and others are not? There’s a good reason for that, and it has to do with the Holy Spirit.

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