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Israel My Glory - May/June 2012

Israel My Glory - May/June 2012 image
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The Holy Land Today

Raising the White Flag
by Elwood McQuaid
It’s bad enough America’s courts are turning their backs on the nation’s historic values. But now something else has arisen that is just as bad—or worse.

Preparing for the Third Temple
by Jimmy DeYoung
Few people know more than Jimmy about what’s happening in Israel today to prepare for the third Temple. Excitement is in the air, as you’ll see here.

A Letter From Jerusalem: Survival Strategies for Ordinary Living
by Elliot Jager
Ever been to an outdoor market or a museum in Jerusalem? Journalist Elliot Jager takes you on a stroll through the city to see what everyday life is like for people who live there.

World Events and Prophecy
by Renald E. Showers
If you find Bible prophecy a bit confusing, this article is perfect for you! It’s clear, concise, and shows unmistakably how end-times events are right around the corner.

The Arab Revolts and Israel
by David Dolan
Most people know the face of the Middle East is changing. How did the change begin? Where is it heading? The answers are here.

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