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Israel My Glory - November/December 2011

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Thank God for Israel

Is There a Way Back?
by Elwood McQuaid
The story of the Gospels is the wonderful news of what Jesus did for us. But the anti-Christ forces in America are powerful. There is an antidote, and it’s the same one God prescribed for ancient Israel.

Keepers of the Scriptures
by Peter Colón
If you read a Bible, you owe much to the Jewish people for the extraordinary measures they took to preserve His Word—and much more.

Thank God for Israel
by Tim Munger
Do you have a love for Israel and the Jewish people and don’t know quite where to go with it? We know a way you can tell them how you feel. And it’s terrific!

Inside the IDF: The Most Humane Army in the World
by Lorna Simcox
The world wants you to believe that Israel’s soldiers are like Hitler’s Nazis. But the truth is exactly the opposite. You’ll be amazed at what this army does to protect its enemies.

Show Me the Law and I’ll Show You the Lawgiver
by Craig L. Parshall
Law students used to be taught the importance of the Ten Commandments in American jurisprudence. Not today. But truth is truth, as you’ll see here.

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