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Israel My Glory - November/December 2015

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Jesus is Coming Again!

Who Has a Hold on Hope?
by Elwood McQuaid
The atheists have won another skirmish. This time the victim was Warner Sallman’s famous painting, Head of Christ. But here is why they’ll never win the war.

When the Time Was Right
by Tom Davis
Jesus came to Earth at a specific time for a specific purpose. In fact, God set many specifics in place to prepare for the arrival of His Son.

Beyond the Manger
by Tom Simcox
From His arrival to His birthplace to His destiny, every detail involving Jesus was predetermined. His coming, in fact, involved far more than a baby being born in a manger.

Waiting for His Shout
by Charles E. McCracken
Jesus often used the familiar to teach about the unfamiliar. As you’ll see here, He used something very familiar to teach that He will someday return.

With Justice for All
by Chris Katulka
Not much on Earth is perfect. Peace eludes mankind, and evil seems to run rampant. But all those things will finally change when the Messiah takes His seat on the throne of David.

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