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Israel My Glory - November/December 2016

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Name Above All Names
The Unfathomable Christ and the Hope He Gives Us

Didn’t Know Who You Were
by Elwood McQuaid
The Christmas season will soon be here. It’s a time to celebrate something so spectacular that you have to experience it personally in order to understand it.

God Is ...
by Mike Stallard
We will never be able to grasp God in His entirety. But He wants us to know Him. And we can learn about Him through three things in particular.

The Unfathomable Christ
by David M. Levy
During His incarnation, Christ was humiliated for our sake. Here are seven characteristics of Jesus that should make us love Him even more.

The Story of Glory
by Mark Johnson
Christianity sees God in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It may surprise you to know how the Trinity speaks of the glory of God and of hope for mankind.

‘For My Name’s Sake’
by Tom Simcox
God’s great name is nothing to trifle with. God’s name means a lot to Him, and He will work to protect it, as you’ll see here.

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