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Israel My Glory - September/October 2006

Israel My Glory - September/October 2006 image
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Contemporary Israel


The Christian Thing to Do
by Elwood McQuaid
Today’s Christian Zionists love the Jewish people as Corrie ten Boom once did. And the World Council of Churches does not speak for us!

Dancing With the Devil 
by Craig L. Parshall
Like it or not, Hamas now controls the Palestinian Authority. Does this mean Israel must negotiate with terrorists? This lawyer says no.

To Build or Not to Build: Jerusalem’s Housing Controversy
by David Dolan
Concrete jungle or luxury high-rise? The million-dollar digs going up in Jerusalem mean different things to different people.

China and Israel: Inscrutable Relations
by Elliot Jager
Which way does China swing when it comes to Israel? In the past, China has fully supported the Arabs. But it may be moving in another direction.

The Politics of Sacred Space
by Randall Price
Speaking from firsthand experience, Dr. Price explains why archaeology and the Temple Mount will always take center stage in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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