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Israel My Glory - September/October 2007

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The Church

Pursuing the Finish-It Principle
by Elwood McQuaid
While the West flounders in a sea of inconclusiveness, radical Islam pushes aggressively toward its goal. We have an option. Dare we take it?

Two Great Days, Two Great Doctrines
by Harold L. Willmington
If you’re interested in learning the exact differences between Israel and the church, this amazing outline is just what the doctor ordered.

At the Beginning
by William L. Krewson
Some people don’t believe the church began at Pentecost. But it certainly did. And its birth is the result of a single, major event that changed history forever.

The Glory That Awaits
by Richard D. Emmons
The church won’t be here forever. In fact, it has a future that unfolds like a symphony, with four distinct movements—all of them magnificent!

The Emerging Church: What Is It?
by Steve Herzig
Candles, incense, mood music. Can this be church? A revolution is taking place in worship, and it’s causing many people to look around with wonder and ask, “What’s going on?”

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