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Israel My Glory - September/October 2012

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The Blessed Hope

Defining Our Obligation Toward Israel
by Elwood McQuaid
The United States talks a lot about being Israel’s friend. But actions speak louder than words. And America’s actions are saying plenty, with little appearing pro-Israel.

The Greatness of the Gospel
by Richard D. Emmons
God knows what we need better than we do. And He has provided abundantly for us in many ways, as you’ll see here.

Awaiting the Bridegroom
by Patrick Neff
Ever been somewhere so comforting you never wanted to leave? Well, that’s nothing compared to what lies in store if you belong to Jesus.

Just Passing Through
by Thomas C. Simcox
Is life getting you down? Don’t be discouraged. This life is not all there is. Read this, and take heart.

The Best Is Yet to Come!
by Charles E. McCracken
Streets of gold, the Tree of Life, the New Jerusalem. They’re not elements of a fairy tale. They’re real, as this outstanding article explains.

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