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History, Mission, and Purpose

The Institute of Jewish Studies began in 1986 on the campus of The Friends of Israel international headquarters in southern New Jersey.

For the first ten years, it was known as the Institute of Biblical Studies. The Institute of Biblical Studies was conceived as a one-year Bible study program with a strong emphasis on studying the Bible in its historical and cultural context. The program emphasized a proper understanding of the Jewish people and the land of Israel as essential to recognizing the plan and purposes of God.

In the fall of 1996, the program was moved to the campus of Philadelphia Biblical University and the name was changed to the Institute of Jewish Studies. The name change reflected its unique emphasis on studying the Scriptures with an appreciation for Israel and the Jewish people. The Bible is a book authored by the Holy Spirit and penned by Jewish men, in a Jewish culture. So much more can be gleaned from God’s Word by considering its Jewish background.

The Institute of Jewish Studies transitioned to the Internet in the fall of 2009 so that it could be expanded to a distance learning format. The quality education that we provided on campus for 23 years is now available online around the world at an affordable cost. The curriculum is structured to provide a diverse offering of courses with our unique Jewish emphasis. It is our desire to train and equip followers of Jesus Christ in the truth of God’s Word.

Mission and Purpose

The Institute of Jewish Studies exists to equip followers of the Lord Jesus Christ through the study of biblical truth with a uniquely Jewish perspective. The Institute of Jewish Studies program is designed to:

1. Give you a working knowledge of the Bible and instill a recognition of its authority in all areas of life.
2. Acquaint you with the Jewish background of Scripture as well as the basic facts of Jewish history and culture.
3. Increase your awareness of the land of the Israel, its history, geography, and current role in the world affairs.
4. Provide you with an understanding and appreciation of the role of the Jewish people in redemptive history and their relationship to the gospel of Christ.
5. Instill in you an approach of interpreting Scripture in its literal sense, involving a pretribulational, premillennial understanding of future events.
6. Enhance your opportunities to minister effectively.