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Program Benefits and Design

Program Benefits

An Institute of Jewish Studies education will:

  • Teach you the Jewish background, culture, and history of Scripture.
  • Give you a working knowledge of the Bible.
  • Broaden your understanding of Israel, and the role of the Jewish people in redemptive history.
  • Enrich your life and ministry.

Certificate Recognition

Students are recognized with a certificate of completion when they have successfully completed 12 courses. An advanced certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete an additional 12 courses of study.

Program Design

The Institute of Jewish Studies online program offers 24 online courses, each taught in a six week format. There are four sessions per year, following an academic calendar. 

Courses are designed to follow a discussion-driven educational model, allowing highly qualified instructors to personally engage with students in the learning process. Class size is limited to 20 students whose weekly assignments include readings, directed research, discussion forums, and a formative summary. Course completion also requires a critical reflection assignment and a practical application project. Grading is based on a letter scale of A, B, C, D or F.

The Institute of Jewish Studies offers you a great opportunity to study God’s Word at an affordable cost, on a flexible schedule, and at an ideal location – your own home!

Institute of Jewish Studies Israel Study Tour

Periodically, the Institute of Jewish Studies conducts a study tour to Israel. The tour is offered as a course. This exciting tour will be directed by experienced Friends of Israel personnel and a highly qualified Israeli tour guide. Upon the successful completion of eight courses, a student will qualify for the Institute of Jewish Studies study tour to Israel. The tour’s itinerary will include many locations omitted on other tours to Israel and some sites on the tour will be examined more in-depth. This is a first class learning experience in every way as the land of Israel becomes the classroom. There is a cost for the study tour, however, the cost of the tour is kept to a minimum through economical accommodations and special group arrangements.