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Meet Our Faculty

Clarence Johnson

Designing and teaching courses for IJS is an adventure.  Our educational philosophy and methodology require the student to engage the truth rather than to simply listen to what someone else says about the truth.  The student discussions constantly present a challenge for me as a teacher.  I am always asking myself, “What can I ask or say that will stretch the students in ways that cause them to dig deeper into the truth to move it from the head to the heart and then to the hands and feet in action?”

Clarence is the director of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry’s Institute of Jewish Studies.  He came to the Institute in 2011 with more than 35 years of ministry experience as a pastor, teacher, speaker and administrator.  Clarence has directed The Friends of Israel’s Hesed Project and leads The Shepherds’ Gathering events. In 2014, he was invited to study at The International School of Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Clarence and his wife, Corty, are blessed with two married adult children who are serving with Christian ministries.

 Favorite scripture: Psalm 119:140

Dan Pearson

I love the opportunity to help people understand God's Word better and find ways to apply it to their lives. I also enjoy helping people see the plan of God for Israel and how He has worked in the past, the present, and in the future to use both the Jewish people and the church to bring Him glory.

Dan was raised in a Christian home and met his wife, Bonnie, at Bible college.  He joined The Friends of Israel in 1989 as the director of Information Services.  He has served in his church as an elder, deacon, bookkeeper, sound technician, and occasional Sunday school teacher. Dan assists his wife in the drama program at their church and in her ministry as a full-time field worker for The Friends of Israel.

Harold Summers

Teaching an IJS course allows me to interact with men and women who have a love for the Lord, have a desire to study the Word of God and who want to be a workman for the Lord who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of Truth.

Harold graduated from Bible college in 1994 and was ordained in 2000. He served as pastor of a local church for 10 years and is currently serving in the Ministry Advancement Department of FOI.  Harold was a member of FOI’s Hesed Project in 2013. He and his wife, Carol, live in Homosassa, Florida and have 5 children and two grandchildren.

Favorite scripture: Isa. 40:31 

Tom Davis, Ed.D.

I enjoy teaching the Bible from a Jewish point of view, and IJS is the only online school I know of that not only allows me to teach from this perspective, but encourages it. Some of our students have studied the Bible for many years, and yet when they look at the Scriptures from a Jewish point of view they see things they never saw before. It’s like a light is turned on in their thinking for the first time.

A long-time reader of Israel My Glory, Tom’s interest in and knowledge of ancient Near Eastern culture and customs has been enhanced by studying in Israel and taking numerous trips there.  Tom lives in upstate New York, where he is academic dean/professor at Word of Life Bible Institute. Besides teaching the Bible and spending time with family, Tom enjoys reading, writing, gardening, construction projects, and the mountains, lakes and snow of the Adirondack Park where he lives.  Tom and his wife and have six grown children and 13 grandchildren.

Favorite scripture: Eph. 3:20-21 


Tom Simcox

I like the IJS style and interacting with students from all over the world.  Traditionally, learning involves someone lecturing while students just listen.  IJS takes learning to the next level and gives students opportunities to interact with specific questions and with one another.  It’s a great joy to see students grasp the material and grow.

Tom is the Church Ministries training coordinator and a Bible and prophecy teacher for The Friends of Israel.  Tom is a contributing editor and writer for Israel My Glory magazine.  He is married to Lorna Simcox, a Jewish believer and the editor-in-chief of Israel My Glory.  They have two married daughters and two granddaughters.

Favorite scripture: Lamentations 3:22-23 

Corty Johnson

Teaching a women’s course for IJS is unique and enjoyable.  I am able to interact with women from different cultural backgrounds and stages of spiritual growth while encouraging them to pursue a greater depth of insight with the valuable Jewish context of our study.  It is a joy to see their fellowship and exchange of learning grow into a desire to please the Lord and bless others in tangible ways.

Corty has been involved in various ministries throughout her life.  Leading children and teaching Bible studies for women have been her focus, especially in mentoring young believers.  She and her husband, Clarence, have two adult children in vocational ministry.

Favorite scripture: Jude 24-25 

Dick Emmons, Ph.D.

Dick is a professor in the School of Divinity at Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. He is also senior pastor of GraceWay Bible Church in Hamilton Township, New Jersey.

Steve Herzig

I love being part of a discussion that provides moments of learning with almost every single discussion post.  IJS students I meet while traveling often give positive testimony to their IJS experience.  They use the words “practical,” “challenging,” “stretching,” “refreshing,” “insightful,” and “fun” in describing their experience as students.

Steve is a Hebrew-Christian who was raised in Orthodox Judaism. Serving with FOI in many capacities since 1977, Steve is currently the North American Ministries director, a writer for Israel My Glory magazine, and a Bible teacher and conference speaker. Steve and his wife, Alice, have four adult children and five  grandchildren.

Favorite scripture: Rom. 1:16 

Tom Geoghan

I enjoy teaching at IJS because of the variety of students and the uniqueness of the format.  The IJS way of learning stimulates critical thinking skills and challenges some long-held beliefs and biases. I have had students from five different continents and they all have a unique way of looking at things which I find refreshing.

Tom is a graduate of The Institute of Biblical Studies, the campus-based forerunner of IJS Online.  Shortly after graduating, Tom was asked by FOI to lead the ministry’s Development Team and has continued to serve in that capacity for more than 20 years.  Tom and his wife Jill have a daughter and three sons.