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Bennett’s “Change Bloc” Coalition Looks to Oust Netanyahu

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The chess game that is Israeli politics continues to drag out. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was unsuccessful in forming a coalition government. In order to keep power, his only political advantage is to force a fifth Israeli election in 2 years. Conservative Naftali Bennett, leader of the Yamina party, is entertaining Netanyahu’s opposition with a coalition called the “change bloc”, which would make Bennett Prime Minister.   

The “change bloc” is a phrase that encapsulates what many Israelis want… change. Conservative Naftali Bennett is willing to partner with left leaning Israeli parties just to oust Netanyahu. Quite honestly, it’s a long shot, but anything is possible in Israeli politics. Netanyahu may have not been able to form a government, but he’s not finished yet… we’ve been surprised by him before.

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Chris Katulka

Chris Katulka is the assistant director of North American Ministries for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, the host of The Friends of Israel Today radio program, a Bible teacher, and writer for Israel My Glory magazine.