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Two Israeli Tourists Detained in Turkey

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Turkish authorities detained two Israelis after they photographed Erdogan’s Palace and sent the photos to their family. The couple and their family insist they did not know it was illegal to do so and media reports have said thousands of tourists, including Israelis, regularly take photos of the palace. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid says Israel is working around the clock to ensure the release of Mordi and Natali Oknin.

Turkey is a hotspot for Israeli tourism. When Israelis want to go on vacation, they’ll hop a flight from Tel Aviv up to Turkey. It’s a great place to vacation for them. They love going up there. But recently there has been some tension with Israel and Turkey. The situation here with Natali and Mordi is showing us how that tension is living on. Two bus drivers from Modi’in, taking a vacation to Turkey and they end up being detained by Turkish authorities. This could be a real problem and Turkish President Erdogan should be careful to release these innocent people before there’s an escalation.

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Chris Katulka is the assistant director of North American Ministries for The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, the host of The Friends of Israel Today radio program, a Bible teacher, and writer for Israel My Glory magazine.