Hebrew for “bridges,” G’sherim is a challenging, life-changing ministry opportunity for young people

We’re not currently accepting applications at the moment for our G’sherim program,
but we would love for you to volunteer with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry!
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  • Las Vegas is a city of millions. Many are lost. Many are struggling daily with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

    In the midst of the hurt and darkness God has opened a unique ministry opportunity. Under the supervision of seasoned Friends of Israel staff, young adults are able to minister daily to the people of Las Vegas.

  • The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry’s internship program G’sherim (i.e., Bridges) train young people to build relationships with the elderly and offer a helping hand in the Jewish community. Established partnerships are cultivated in organizations like the Jewish Federation, university groups, and the Holocaust Resource Center – all local in Las Vegas.

  • This unique hands-on approach allows our interns to enter the real world of full-time ministry and experience the joys and blessings that come from working in the Jewish community. Whether it’s taking someone to the doctor, running errands, doing yard work, volunteering in a local Jewish organization, or simply being a listening ear, interns are tangibly showing unconditional love to the Jewish community in the name of the Messiah.

    Interested in taking part in this vital ministry?

God took my small, little, pea-sized vision of Jewish ministry and exploded it.
 Becky, Pennsylvania
G’sherim built a bridge in my heart between age-old Bible truths and day-to-day living.
 Jonathan, New Jersey

G’Sherim is

G’sherim (meaning bridges in Hebrew) is our one-to-two semester internship program. Its purpose is to equip Christians to build bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities by serving the Jewish people, supporting the State of Israel, and sharing the love of the Messiah.

How do we serve, support and share? By volunteering in and networking with the Jewish and pro-Israel communities. By utilizing the Bible, loving relationships, and deeds of kindness.



Jonathan Craft (Linda)
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You Can Be A Bridge Builder

Even if you’re not a young adult, you can still help by supporting an intern. Your gift is an investment in the future that can provide our interns with the necessary tools and opportunities to continue to make bridges—G’sherim—a reality to the needy people of Las Vegas.

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