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Writer/Coordinator: Chris Katulka Contributing Writers: Bruce Scott, Uzziel the Brick Maker

Divine Revolution: Playing Chicken With God (Part 4)

Egypt is unrecognizable. The once-lush fields that were fed by the Nile are left desolate by torrential hail and swarming locusts. The abundant livestock that roamed the land of Egypt were eradicated by pestilence and disease. And even the Egyptians couldn’t escape the numerous plagues to befall the land, they’ve been found covered in boils and sores.

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Divine Revolution: Blood Water (Part 3)

All of Egypt is abuzz with the nearly apocalyptic events that have unfolded since Moses went before Pharaoh again. I have to admit, I was shocked to see Moses return after the mess he made the first time he went before Pharaoh. If there is one thing you can’t fault Moses for, it’s his tenacity. From what I can gather, his persistence derives from his belief that our God is the one orchestrating these unusual events.

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Divine Revolution: Get Your Own Straw (Part 2)

I’m a realist. My cup is neither half empty nor half full. As a Hebrew slave in Egypt I’m convinced you have to be a realist or else you’ll go crazy. The emotional tension is enough to make you mad.

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