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Middle Eastern Christians Jeer Senator Ted Cruz Off Stage Over Israel [VIDEO]

In an effort to stand with the beleaguered Middle East Christians Senator Ted Cruz offered his solidarity with them at the “In Defense of Christians” summit in Washington DC.

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What's Your Source Of Confidence (Part 2)

As King Hezekiah looked out beyond the walls of protected Jerusalem, he knew the odds were against him as the massive Assyrian army surrounded the little city. During the days of Hezekiah no more than 10,000 people inhabited Jerusalem, and yet Hezekiah looked out over a sea of 185,000 Assyrian soldiers waiting for the word from their king to ransack Jerusalem.

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What's Your Source of Confidence (Part 1)

King Hezekiah, whose name means “the Lord strengthens,” pleased the Lord in most everything he did as king. He tore down high places (false places of worship), and refocused the Temple in Jerusalem as the prime location to worship God. Hezekiah was doing everything right! Finally, a king in Judah whose eyes were focused on pleasing the Lord.

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