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Should Bibi Netanyahu Still Come to Speak to Congress?

I’ve been watching the news closely, and at the top of my “Israel news” list is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to U.S. Congress: Should he or shouldn’t he? Now, I could have weighed in on this headliner the moment it erupted a few weeks back, but I didn’t want simply say:

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The Chutzpah of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we celebrate a man who stood up against inequality, racism, and hatred. He was a man who was convinced that color shouldn’t determine your outcome, only the content of your character. He believed in justice for all, and by all, he meant everybody. His name is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Is France a Safe Place for its Jewish Communities?

Time magazine recently reported that the Grand Synagogue in Paris canceled its Shabbat services for Friday, January 9, after the horrific kosher market attack where four Jewish men died. Surprisingly, this was the first time since the Nazis occupied France that the Grand Synagogue closed its famous doors for the safety of its congregants. French anti-Semitism is at an all-time high and it’s forcing many French Jews to evaluate whether it’s safe or not to stay in France.

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