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If You Like Israel and Coffee, You Should Watch This [VIDEO]

Coffee is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going during the day. I love black and bitter, filtered coffee. Starbucks is never too far from wherever I am. I’m not scared to try new types of coffee either. One particular custom I’ve grown to love is the brewing and drinking of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is the most primitive form of ingesting coffee known to man. Making Turkish coffee is fun and easy.

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Mohammed Zoabi: An Israeli Arab to Admire

The other day I was perusing Facebook and I came across a post from one of my Israeli friends that said, “I always wondered about the opinion of Israel [sic] Arabs. Although its [sic] just one young (courageous!) man, he represents most Israeli Arabs I met [sic] here. Thank you, you are a very important part of our nation!

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The Ultimate Debate: Netanyahu vs. The Pope

Imagine for a minute a theological debate between Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, and Pope Francis. I’m not gonna lie, I’d drop what I was doing to hear that discussion. Well, during Pope Francis’ last day touring the Holy Land, Netanyahu and the Pope got into a theological parley on the language Jesus spoke when He was alive.

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