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Stand with Israel

Show your solidarity and stand with the Jewish people.


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Day to Pray

Join this global chorus of prayer on Sunday, October 1st as hundreds of millions of Christians in literally every corner of this planet will unite for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ), a day specifically set aside annually for the Church to pray for Jerusalem and ALL her inhabitants. This prayer call has come from more than 1,500 global leaders.

The Friends of Israel Video Resources

Check out our Video Resources. Exploring topics such as the Resurrection of Christ, Passover, and What a Christian Should Think About the Modern State of Israel.

Resolution 2334: The United States’ Shame at the United Nations

On Friday, December 23, the United Nations (UN) Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 2334 declaring the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, designated as the West Bank, to be illegal. According to the resolution, these communities have “no legal validity.” This means that all of eastern Jerusalem, including everything within the Jewish quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, is considered Palestinian territory.

The Friends of Israel Gift Catalog

This year, as we celebrate God’s love this season through His Son—the Messiah, His greatest gift to the world—my hope is that you will find a way through this catalog to touch the life of someone who needs your help.

Who is Jesus?

It is the most critical question you will ever answer. How would you answer it? Can you answer it correctly?

Israel My Glory