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Statement from Jim Showers on Iran's Attack on Israel

MARCH 15, 2024

On a normal day, Danny Kalisher wears many hats. He is a husband, father, and seminary student; he also serves with The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry as a youth pastor and deacon at Jerusalem Assembly House of Redemption in Israel. But on October 7, 2023, he left everything to defend his nation. Danny shares with Steve Conover, Executive Vice President, how God was preparing him and his family for his time in Gaza and the ways God sustained him as he fought alongside his fellow soldiers.

FEBRUARY 12, 2024

Jim Showers explains how Israel is making efforts to free hostages and how they care for the ones who have returned. Please do not stop praying for the safe return of all the hostages as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).

FEBRUARY 6, 2024

Our executive director, Jim Showers, took friends of the ministry to visit Israel a few weeks ago. Unlike our usual trip to biblical sites, the group of fourteen traveled to the areas where generous funds to the ministry help the Jewish people in tangible ways.

JANUARY 8, 2024

Pastor Meno Kalisher shares from his heart how October 7 has changed Israel and about the hope churches all over Israel are bringing to soldiers, their families, and their neighbors.

DECEMBER 15, 2023

Tzvia Wexler, the National Development Director of the Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans, joins Steve Conover this week and shares how your giving is saving disabled veterans all over Israel.

DECEMBER 14, 2023

Steve Conover sits down with Steve Herzig, Vice President of North American Ministries here at The Friends of Israel, to talk about why Jewish people are often seen as enemies and how we, as Christians, can stand with them.

DECEMBER 8, 2023

Our Executive Director Dr. Jim Showers is back with Steve Conover to unpack Hezbollah and Hamas' tricky relationship with one another—including both of their ties with Iran.

DECEMBER 1, 2023

What will happen once Israel has defeated Hamas and takes control of Gaza? On the eve of The Friends of Israel Gospel MInistry’s 85th Anniversary, Executive Director Dr. Jim Showers joins Steve Conover and answers this pertinent question on the war in Gaza.

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

Sometimes God takes us to the most unexpected places when we follow Him. Dr. Mike Stallard joins Steve Conover to share about his experience working with the IDF in Israel during Operation Peace for Galilee in 1982.

NOVEMBER 16, 2023

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry's North American Ministry's Field Manager, Ty Perry, joins Steve Conover to discuss the protests on college campuses and their anti-Semitic cries. Plus, learn how YOU can bless the Jewish people.

NOVEMBER 8, 2023

Amy Hansen, Director of Ministry Support shares how your giving and prayers have and continue to save lives in Israel. God is at work and we love being a part of loving and supporting the Jewish people in Israel.

OCTOBER 26, 2023

Chris Katulka, Director of North American Ministries and Host of The Friends of Israel Radio, sits down with Steve Conover to discuss where to find trustworthy news, the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah and more.

OCTOBER 19, 2023

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry's Executive Director, Jim Showers, is back to give an update on the war and gives insight how we can pray for the Jewish people.

OCTOBER 12, 2023

On the morning of October 7, 2023, Israel’s enemies launched a barbaric, surprise attack like never before on civilians when most were home resting on the Sabbath. Dr. Jim Showers, Executive Director of The Friends of Israel, joins Steve Conover to give an update on what happened on October 7 in southern Israel and what Israel is doing in response.

OCTOBER 7, 2023

On Saturday morning, October 7, 2023, Israel’s enemies launched a surprise attack on Israel on Shabbat when most Israelis were home resting. Executive Director Dr. Jim Showers joins Chris Katulka to discuss this unprecedented attack.

Statements on the War in Israel

by Executive Director Dr. Jim Showers 

OCTOBER 26, 2023


War on Israel: The Muslim Replacement Theology

by Jim Showers

Three weeks after the massacre Hamas unleashed on Israel on October 7, 2023, the news media continues to report (and rightly so) on the unthinkable atrocities of that day. We’ve seen the images, watched the videos, heard the stories of survivors and victims, and read the statistics. Many people are still scratching their heads, wondering how such horrors could happen and why Hamas would celebrate with glee such evil.

OCTOBER 7, 2023


Statement on the Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel from Jim Showers

Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.  The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade at your right hand.  .  .  The LORD shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul.

–Psalms 121:4-5, 7

Dear Friend of Israel,

Fifty years ago, on October 6, 1973, the enemies of Israel launched a surprise attack that became known as the Yom Kippur War on the small nation of Israel because the war began on the Jewish Day of Atonement holiday when Israelis were home resting.

On the morning of October 7, 2023, Israel’s enemies once again launched a surprise attack on Israel on Shabbat when most Israelis were home resting. Hamas, the Palestinian Arab terrorist organization in Gaza, unleashed its military forces on Israel. In recent years, Hamas has become a proxy of Iran, and an attack of this size would require Iran’s assistance to fund and plan.