Cancellation Update

Out of concern for all involved, our in-person events through the end of August are canceled. Please check back for updates or rescheduled events. If you have registered for a canceled event, we will be contacting you regarding a refund.


The Friends of Israel actively invests in the edification of Christians by teaching Scripture that exemplifies why loving the Jewish people and supporting Israel is integral to the Christian faith. This is why we offer conferences and events to help strengthen your walk in the Lord as well as give opportunities to minister to the Jewish community.

Look Up Virtual Conferences

Live-streamed straight to the comfort of your home, these timely and exciting multi-session online Bible conferences focus on prophecy and the Word of God. You can expect solid biblical teaching as well as practical instruction on what God’s Word says to us today.


Proclaim Nationwide Conferences

Our two-day nationwide conference focuses on biblical truth about Israel & the Messiah. Diving deep into topics that will ignite your heart for God’s Chosen People and His plan for Israel, our passionate Bible teachers will expound on God’s Word, leaving you encouraged and full of hope.


Prophecy Up Close Conferences

Our popular one-day teaching events are held at selected locations in the United States and Canada throughout the year. A selected topic focusing on Bible prophecy, Israel & the Jewish people, and God’s plan for the future are taught by members of our expert teaching staff.


Local Conferences

Join us for our one-day prophecy conferences held throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our Bible teachers bring timely messages on Bible prophecy and how it relates to Israel and the world today.

Other Conferences & Events

Local conferences held by our Friends of Israel workers or surrounding partners.

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Let Us Come To You

Feast Presentations

Our trained Friends of Israel workers will demonstrate one of the Feasts of Deliverance (Hanukkah, Purim, or Passover) to your congregation or group.


The Hope of God

An epic story of courage, heroism, and hope. Learn how a remnant of the Jewish people stood strong for the Lord amid persecution and compromise.

See how Hanukkah and Christmas are inseparably linked and why Christ chose to declare His deity at Hanukkah (Jn. 10).


The Providence of God

A miraculous deliverance, as shown in the book of Esther. Learn how God preserved His people from annihilation.

See how God works behind the scenes of our lives even when He seems silent.


The Messiah of God

Learn how the Lamb of God is pictured in the Old Testament and the meaning of God’s promise, “When I see the blood, I will pass over you” (Ex. 12:13)

See how communion is rooted in the Last Supper and experience the heart of a Jewish seder.

Schedule an FOI representative to come and deliver one of our Feasts of Deliverance presentations to your church or small group.


Pulpit Supply

The Friends of Israel is committed to the local church. Let our expert teaching staff come to your church and provide prophetic teaching relating to Israel.


Solidarity Events


Thank God for Israel Events

At a Thank God for Israel event, Jewish people meet Christians who love and honor them and want to stand beside them to show their love for Israel and God’s Chosen People.


Want to get involved?

Check out our outreach opportunities!

Upcoming Conferences & Events

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Let Us Come To You

Have one of our Church Ministry Representatives come to your church to teach the Bible, Prophecy or Jewish Culture & Customs.


    What topic would you like us to speak on?


    More than ten years ago, God placed a burden on the heart of one of our workers in the Midwest to bring together full-time Christian missionaries and high school youth. He answered the call by forming YouthFEST, a life-changing weekend where missionaries challenge committed Christian high school students to give their lives to the Lord in vocational Christian ministry.

    Several weekends each year, youth from all over the United States gather together with full-time Christian workers from several organizations to learn, pray, worship, and fellowship. The workers pour into the students one-on-one throughout the entire weekend. There are plenty of retreats for teenagers out there but we feel YouthFEST has a special purpose, unlike any other.

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