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Since 1942, Israel My Glory has been a highly trusted, sought-after tool in the study of God’s Word.

This award-winning magazine, published by The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, stands firmly on the literal-grammatical interpretation of the Bible. It is simply the best there is if you want to understand Scripture, Israel, and Prophecy.

Each issue contains:

  • Important news from Israel
  • Exciting studies from the Scriptures
  • Timely, insightful articles on trends that impact Israel and the Christian world
  • Doctrinal issues
  • Vital information on the persecuted Church
  • Apples of Gold, archived stories from the life and ministry of Holocaust survivor, Zvi Kalisher

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    Our mission at The Friends of Israel is focused—we are a worldwide evangelical ministry proclaiming biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while bringing physical and spiritual comfort to the Jewish people. Since 1938, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (FOI) was founded as a compassionate effort to meet the spiritual and physical needs of Jewish people whose lives were displaced and tragically affected by the Holocaust.

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