What is happening in Israel and what does it mean?  

After 11 days of intense Hamas missile attacks on the people of Israel, followed by Israel’s military response to defend the country, a cease-fire was called. We are grateful for the end to the injury, death, and destruction on both sides of the conflict. 

Though many in the news media would have us believe otherwise, by all measures of human logic, Israel won an overwhelming victory. Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted 90 percent of the more than 4,000 missiles fired from Gaza. The war Hamas began was a devastating blow to the terror organization, which lost many of its leaders and suffered extensive damage to its military operations. Some reports say the destruction was far greater than Hamas anticipated. The greatest tragedy is the loss of civilian life, both Arab and Israeli.  

During the conflict, evangelical Christians gave to our Israel Relief Fund, enabling us to provide more than $180,000 in emergency grants for six bomb shelters to protect Israelis and fund many urgent needs of those hurt by the conflict. Even though the fighting has ended, the need for physical and spiritual comfort in Israel is ongoing.

We pray the cease-fire will hold and calm will rule the day. Yet history tells us that, whether sooner or later, Israel’s enemies will strike Israel again. We must not lose sight of the fact that the greater conflict driving the attacks on Israel is a spiritual one. Hatred of Israel is driven by humanity’s hatred of God and His plan to redeem this world, which flows directly through the Jewish people.

True and lasting peace will come to Israel only when the Messiah returns, so we pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps. 122:6).

You can continue to help by giving to our Israel Relief Fund. We will direct your gift to people in Israel who are helping with the humanitarian crisis by providing bomb shelters to protect Israelis, purchasing much-needed supplies for Magen David Adom (Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross), and supporting the brave men and women who serve in the Israel Defense Forces. You can make a donation to the Israel Relief Fund here.

On July 18–20, we will broadcast a conference on Jerusalem in Prophecy. It will be a timely study that looks at Jerusalem—past, present, and future. If you want to know why this city is so important, why God keeps the world’s attention focused on it, and what Jerusalem tells us about God and His redemptive plan, you can register for the virtual conference today at no charge at www.foiconferences.org.


Dr. Jim Showers
Executive Director/President