Israel’s Helping Hands: Part One, Innovation Africa

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This year marks 70 years since the rebirth of the modern state of Israel.

As we celebrate this miracle, we want to highlight ways this small nation is helping around the world. Many days our news is filled with bad things going on surrounding Israel and we can get an unbalanced view of what is truly happening in and through this small nation. From CBN, the makers of the popular documentary, In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem, comes this exciting series we are able to share.

When the Jewish people came back to Israel in the 1800s they found dry and barren lands. As a way to survive, they developed a way to irrigate their land. Now, what was once barren land, is now flourishing fields full of crops.

Through Innovation Africa, the Jewish people are giving back to those who need basic necessities like fresh water and solar energy for schools and medical facilities. We hope you are inspired with this amazing story!

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