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Mike Stallard
Mike Stallard

Vice President of International Ministries

Transforming Lives in Israel

Your Invitation to Make a Difference

We’re thrilled to share an exciting development within The Friends of Israel’s (FOI) International Ministries that brings a unique opportunity for transformation and connection.

Jael (pronounced ya-EL) Kalisher, daughter of Meno Kalisher, the esteemed pastor of the Jerusalem Assembly, has stepped into the role of our newest field representative in Israel. She has been a valuable partner in several FOI projects in Israel and the United States. We invite you to join us in supporting Jael’s life-changing ministry.

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Jael’s Vision: Connections Ministry

While Jael was in New Zealand, God orchestrated a divine opportunity for her to connect with our Meet at the Mountain team and articulate her vision for ministry. New Zealand, with its stunning landscapes and a significant influx of young Israeli visitors, became a crucial backdrop for Jael’s vision to unfold.

Jael shares, “During my time in New Zealand, God burdened my heart to minister to Israeli soldiers and travelers. Many of them arrive with a mixture of excitement and homesickness, having experienced the stress of impending war in Israel. Here, at the farthest location from home, these travelers find a space to contemplate deeper spiritual realities.”

Her experiences led her to ask a crucial question: How could this type of ministry continue when these travelers return home? Could the experiences of beauty, freedom, and open spiritual conversations that naturally occurred in New Zealand be translated and replicated in Israel?

Jael on the South Island

Songwriting at Meet at the Mountain

A New Song: The Power of Music Ministry

Jael’s journey is deeply intertwined with her involvement in music, both in Israel and around the world. For almost a decade, she served as the director of the only worship conservatory in Israel, writing and teaching music while organizing performances for Arab and Jewish communities. Inspired by the account in 2 Chronicles 20 in which worship played a pivotal role in a time of war, Jael envisions using music to create life-changing connections.

Jael reflects, “In the story of Jehoshaphat going to war, we read that the Levites led the way, singing and praising God—not the chariots, not the infantry, not the tanks or the air force, but the worship core. It honors God because it’s a declaration of trust and faith in a time of war. That’s what it’s all about.”

In New Zealand, she began to play and write music for Israeli travelers, discovering a profound enthusiasm among them. One backpacker responded, “This is unique and amazing! If you invite us to a concert back in Israel, I’ll drop everything, forget about work, forget about studies, and come to relive some of these moments again!”

A Needed Connection: Transforming Lives Through Connections

Today, Jael’s experiences have converged into a unique vision called Connections. This ministry combines her background serving in the IDF, her experience with the Jerusalem Assembly, her remarkable musical talent, and her passion for sharing the love of Jesus in a holistic way.

Jael expresses, “The heartbeat of Connections is to see lives touched by the combination of music and the outdoor experiences many Israelis crave when they travel abroad, ultimately leading them to the transformational power of the gospel.”

Her unique ability to connect Israeli travelers’ experiences with the reality of life in Israel through music and relationships positions her to build bridges between young Israelis and the Christian community in their nation. As many young Israelis grapple with the unique challenges of living in Israel, Jael seeks to connect them with the body of Christ and the life-changing message of Jesus.

Partnering with Celebrate Messiah

Jael (left) and friends hiking "Mount Doom"

Anticipating Future Opportunities

As we anticipate God’s continued provision, we are confident that Jael and our Israeli team will encounter many more incredible opportunities to connect the Jewish people with the gospel. Jael is already dreaming and praying about how her ministry in Israel could expand into other countries, reaching future generations of believers around the world.

The wonder of meeting Jesus is contagious, and Jael hopes to see hearts stirred and lives changed through her ministry. It is our hope and prayer that her ministry will echo Luke 5:26: “Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, ‘We have seen remarkable things today’” (NIV).

Expansion Throughout The United Kingdom

The Lord continues to open doors for Trevor to connect with local churches and Jewish communities in Northern Ireland.

In October, God unexpectedly opened another door to minister in Scotland. At a time when most Christian organizations have had to scale back their ministries, God is blazing a trail in the UK for the gospel.

Trevor and Maggie leading a Passover Seder with fellow believers.

Jael Kalisher

Your financial and prayer support can make a significant impact on Jael’s ministry. By partnering with us, you contribute to the gospel’s spread, creating connections that resonate with the transformative and life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

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